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Intent to Apply Form

If you intend to apply for an award listed on this website, please fill out the below form and our office will contact you.

Intent To Apply

Personal Information

Are you an Honors College member?
Honors College membership is not required.
Are you a U.S. citizen?
Some awards require U.S. citizenship.



Current Standing

Expected Graduation Month

Awards you intend to apply for

Student Authorization

As a candidate, I authorize the Honors College and its representatives to obtain my academic transcript and to discuss my candidacy and academic record with faculty, staff, administration, agents of Michigan State University, and scholarship agencies.  I hereby waive any and all rights I may have to view letters of endorsement/recommendation that are written for the purpose of an award competition.

If selected for nomination, I request that the Distinguished Student Awards Office at Michigan State University prepare and submit an evaluation/endorsement to be sent in support of my application for the scholarship program to which I am applying, in accordance with the requirements of the foundation involved.

If successful as a nominee or scholar, I authorize the Honors College and Michigan State University to release news of my nomination or success to local, regional, and national news sources.

I hereby certify that all of the information I include in my scholarship application, including listings of activities and awards, research undertaken or planned, and all statements and essays, are my own work and are accurate and honest to the best of my knowledge.

I acknowledge that both my personal reputation and the reputation of the University can benefit from the manner in which I represent myself and Michigan State University.  I will do everything within my control to safeguard my good name and that of Michigan State University throughout this award competition.

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